Tree Tops Lodge

Treetops Estate

Designed for guests to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding forest amidst world- class luxury. Elegant architecture echoes the country’s pioneering past and reflects the great outdoors; rooms have a lovely family feel, and private villas are also an option; while trout streams, lakes, hiking trails, mountain-biking and horse-riding are all yours for the taking.

Unplug, leave modern connections behind, and pursue a connection of a different kind. Escape the frenzied deluge of information, the demands on both your time and attention, and slow your pace… feel the pull of the land and answer the call of the wild.

Escape to a secluded forest getaway, wander native trails through pristine forest, and forge enduring connections with the people and the land. There are so many options to get into the great potdoors.

Walks and Hikes

Hit the trails, explore the countryside, and witness as the wonders of nature unfold. Experience everything the estate has to offer… up close and personal and at your own pace. Let nature welcome you back into her welcoming embrace, return to the land, and reforge connections, making new companions and reacquainting with old friends… both large and small.

Mountain Biking

Feel the exhilaration as golden rays of sunshine kiss your skin and an errant breeze caresses the contours of your face as you head out for adventure. Explore the well-worn trails and favoured hot spots, or venture farther afield and investigate the recesses and farthest reaches of the estate. Scout the tracks of wildlife. Reconnoitre. Yield to curiosity.

Horseback Riding

Move with the sway of the horse beneath you as you leisurely make your way through the wilderness; smell the loamy perfume of the earth and the familiar scent of grass warmed by the sun; listen to the chirp of a sparrow resound through a distant meadow; delight as a timid deer wanders across the trail ahead. Experience the estate from a new perspective with a horseback ride and picnic on the plateau.

Bridal Veil Falls

Marvel at natural beauty as you enjoy a romantic stroll through pristine wilderness, exploring each wonder and precious encounter together. Feel the impact as the bush opens up and the magnificence of the falls comes into view. Delight in the play of light on the water as it frolics across the rocks and cascades beneath your feet. Bond with the land… and each other.

Deer Tree Tops

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