Flock Hill Lodge Accommodaiton

Flockhill Lodge

The Homestead at Flockhill

Opened in 2022, the Homestead at Flockhill stands out as an outstanding addition to New Zealand’s distinguished collection of “super lodges.” Situated on the South Island, Flockhill is conveniently located just a 1.5-hour drive west of Christchurch. It is enveloped by alpine wilderness, featuring expansive open fields, winding rivers, undulating hills, and awe-inspiring mountains that offer breathtaking vistas of Lake Pearson.

You can be met at the aircraft door and transferred by heli or road to Flockhill
You can be met at the aircraft door and transferred by heli or road to Flockhill
Take the Tranz Alpine train and be met at Arthurs Pass by your hosts at Flockhill

Your Arrival

Arrive (or depart) on the TranzAlpine train.
Arrive (or depart) by helicopter. Your personal concierge will meet you at Christchurch International Airport to retrieve your luggage and transport it to FLOCKHILL.
Arrive (or depart) by chauffeured luxury vehicle, it is a 1 hour & 20-minute journey to/from the Christchurch International Airport.

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Flockhill Homestead
Flock Hill
Flockhill Living Room

Your Luxury Stay

FLOCKHILL presents a distinguished alpine lodge with two exceptional accommodation choices, the Villas and the Homestead. Meticulously designed for utmost elegance and sophistication, the experience transcends traditional luxury. It’s a harmonious blend of natural splendor, impeccable service, and profound tranquility. Whether opting for a private Villa or the exclusive Homestead, guests embark on a celebration of the extraordinary, creating cherished memories lasting a lifetime.

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dining with a view at Flockhill
the chef at work in the kitchen at Flockhill
Exquisite attention to detail with the food at Flockhill


At the FLOCKHILL Homestead, a personal chef and attendant cater to guests with fresh, nourishing meals featuring seasonal, home-grown, and local ingredients.  Mini bars in bedrooms provide added convenience. Additionally, FLOCKHILL introduces Sugarloaf, an open-flame dining experience, emphasizing locally sourced ingredients with a dynamic and seasonally responsible menu.

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the waterways to fish at Flockhill

Your Experiences

FLOCKHILL offers a unique blend of bespoke itineraries, thrilling off-site activities, and rejuvenating on-site experiences. Imagine heli-skiing down untouched slopes, soaring over breathtaking landscapes, or indulging in a private wine tour through New Zealand’s finest vineyards. Back at Flockhill, unwind with invigorating hikes, exhilarating jet-boat rides, or even a hands-on cooking class. More than just a vacation, Flockhill is a journey, an inspiration, and a reprieve from the ordinary.

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A mecca for the outdoors

The Station was founded in 1857 and covering a total of 14,569 hectares, the station is located roughly halfway between the east and west coasts, populated by 12,000 grazing sheep.

Map for Flockhill Lodge

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